The Lotus and the Artichoke is a blog for vegan cooking with world fusion and flavor. Expect my printed cookbook in November 2012!

My name is Justin. I was born and raised in the United States and the Marshall Islands. I work as an artist, designer, translator, and teacher and have been based in Berlin, Germany since 2001.

I’ll be posting recipes, stories, photography and artwork about my years in kitchens around the world. Some are recipes converted from traditional cuisines, some are experiments, many are trusty standbys which I’ve worked with since going vegetarian in 1990.

My travels have brought me to almost 40 countries, through many kitchens, hundreds of meals from street carts, generous families, fancy and not-so-fancy restaurants. I pick up and work with new foods, techniques and flavors wherever I go. I’m especially grateful to all of the people who’ve provided inspiration, invitation and appreciation.

There’s of course lots more to the story behind this… Hang around, visit again and keep reading to get more!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Looking very much forward to a cookbook that combines exotic vegan flavours de tout le monde a n d amazing artwork!

  2. Really looking forward to the cookbook in November!! The wife and I have been trying to expand our diet and dinner choices and this will be the perfect touch.. Thanks!!

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