South India Street Food Photos

Photographs from various trips to South India in 2006, 2009, 2010, and 2011. (I’m saving photos from North India and 2001 for another time!)

Just a small collection of street food carts, fruit and vegetable sellers, vendors of sweets, spice shops, fantastic hand-painted signs, and some the faces that go along with it all.

To my traveling friends and Indian acquaintances… do you recognize anyone, anywhere?

2 thoughts on “South India Street Food Photos

  1. The Puri Street Sweets photo is from Agra – I have the same photo! It’s right after we arrived from Vrindaban.
    I think the last photo – Pure Vegetarian – is from Hampi.

  2. Hey Bram, you’re right about the Agra one. And ‘Pure Vegetarion’ was from Varanasi. Checked my albums and dates. Both not South India, so I took them out… for now!

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